Drive and Determination
It cannot be denied that there is no success without determination. Drive and determination are essential ingredients of business success. Gould (2014)  contends that drive is an inner quality that makes a person not just accepting status quo but challenging it. It is this drive that  brings people to go higher and higher. Because of drive, people are not contented with what they have but they want something more. Drive pushes people to get out of comfort zone and look for new opportunities that can bring them somewhere. Drive in psychology is defined as an urgent basic need pressing for satisfaction because physiological tension, deficiency or imbalance (Encyclopedia Britanica, n.d).

Psychological drives are also defined as desire of self-actualization, need for achievement, belongingness and status (Business Dictionary, n.d). It is an inner arousal and internal motivation to reach a particular goal. There are two different drives and they are drive related to survival which may include the need for food, water and oxygen and acquired drive which is secondary in nature that include the drive for money, intimacy and social approval. Psychologist argues that drives motivate people to reduce desires by choosing responses that will most effectively do so.

It is the motor principle inherent in living organisms that underlies, in the last instance, all their actions. A drive is activity. English Dictionary defines determination as a quality that one shows when he/she has decided to do something and she/he will not let anything to stop him/her. However, psychologically, determination means perseverance toward the attainment of goal in spite of obstacles (Kirby, Morrow, J., & Yih, 2014). It is a state of positive emotional feeling before the attainment of a goal and serves as a source of motivation of the person to pursue certain activity or business. It is an emotion that motivates individual to go into action and results in important outcomes. Under Self-determination Theory, self-determination means a volitional actions taken by people based on their own will and it comes from intentional and conscious choice and decision (Nota, Soresi, Ferrari, Wehmeyer, 2011). However, in the context of positive youth development, self-determination is not just a motivation but it is the ability to think for one’s self and take action consistent with that thought (Catalano, 2004). The purpose of self-determination is autonomy, independent thinking, self-advocacy, empowerment and the ability to live according to values and standards.
Determination is one of the traits that an entrepreneur has. It is what make one an entrepreneur. It is one of the causes why entrepreneur fails when he/she lacks of determination and persistence. It can also be called the will to power. Powered by determination, an entrepreneur would not be thwarted by their defeat but they look at defeat as an  opportunity for success. They are determined to make all their endeavors succeed and when they fail, they learn from their failure and try again until they succeed (Adams, n.d). Determination is seen as more important than other factor that inspiring an entrepreneur. It makes an entrepreneur can overcome incredible obstacles and also compensate enormously for other weaknesses .

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