The game of business today to survive the competition is creativity and innovation. Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate ideas, alternatives, possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating wit with others. It is also a capability to come up with new ideas to create solution to problems and exploit new opportunities. Creative thinker cannot just accept status quo or the old ways how things are done but one must question the status quo and introduce new ways of doing things

Business as usual is no longer the philosophy of business owner or entrepreneurs nowadays. Thus highly creative entrepreneurs are rule breakers who don’t like to conform to norms and traditions of the industry. Business builders constantly look for way to propel their business forward. In this case, the nature of entrepreneur is constant change and therefore one must be comfortable with the unknown environment (Badal, n.d).

Creative thinkers are alert to the changes in the  environment and always looking for ways how to respond to the changes in the environment and even anticipate what is going to happen in the market. They always evaluate new possibilities, revise their expectations of the imagined

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